Collective Purpose Room Hire
Terms & Conditions

Collective Purpose Room Hire
Terms & Conditions

Download the Terms and Conditions PDF here:  Collective Purpose Room Hire Terms and Conditions (30 downloads)

Process to Hire

1 Agreement to the contract

1.1 Purpose of hire: Organisations, groups or individuals hiring Collective Purpose meeting rooms do so only for the stated purpose of hire. The purpose of hire must be lawful and conducted in a manner that does not disrupt users of other rooms.

1.2 Times of hire: The period of hire shall commence and conclude strictly at the agreed times nominated via the online booking system or confirmed in writing by the client and Collective Purpose and the room must be vacated promptly at the conclusion of the hiring period. An extra charge will be imposed for any additional time used, which is not booked in advance, as specified in the Schedule of Additional Charges.

1.3 Vacation of venue: No bookings can be accepted past 9 PM. Premises must be vacated no later than 9 PM.

2 Application for hire and confirmation of booking

2.1 Once an online booking or email enquiry is received, Collective Purpose will confirm the booking within 2 business days.

2.2 Full details of the type of event and expected number of attendees must be disclosed in the online booking or email enquiry.

2.3 Tentative bookings: Collective Purpose understands there are times that hirers may require to make a tentative booking. Collective Purpose will accommodate these requests, however, such bookings will be held for a maximum of five working days only.

2.3.1 After a period of five working days, Collective Purpose will cancel tentative bookings without notice.

3 Hire costs and payment arrangement

3.1 Collective Purpose will periodically review rates and provide at least four weeks’ notice of any rate changes.

3.2 Any organisations wishing to apply for Not-for-Profit Membership and access the associated discounts to room hire rates must provide proof of not-for-profit or charity status upon request.

3.3 Upon confirmation of the booking, either in writing via email or via the online booking system, an invoice will be emailed to the hirer within 5 business days, unless alternative invoicing arrangements have been approved by Collective Purpose management.

3.4 Invoices must be paid in full within 30 days of receipt. If full payment is not received within the specified time frame, the booking may be cancelled and cancellation fees will be applied. (See 6 Cancellation of Booking)

4 Weekend, public holiday and after-hours hire

4.1 Collective Purpose does not offer room hire on Weekends or Public Holidays.

4.2 Monday to Friday after-hours hire (6 PM – 9 PM) may be offered at the discretion of Collective Purpose Hub management. The hirer has two options:

4.2.1 Staff supervised hire: The hirer agrees to pay the full cost of casual Collective Purpose staff supervision for the duration of the hire. Please be advised that there is a minimum of three hours for casual supervision. Hourly staff rates may be obtained from Collective Purpose management.

4.2.2 Unsupervised hire: The hirer is required to complete a Credit Card Security Bond Form for a bond amount of $500. The form is required to be completed and returned to Collective Purpose a minimum of 3 business days prior to the hire date.

  • The Hirer is responsible for collecting and returning the security token (See Section 7 Security token collection and return)
  • The Hirer is required to attend Collective Purpose prior to the date of hire to complete a Collective Purpose Venue and Work Health and Safety Induction. This must take place between 9:00am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday upon prior arrangement with Collective Purpose management.
  • Any unsupervised hire after 5:00pm Monday to Friday requires the completion of a Credit Card Security Bond form. (See Section 5 Bond)


4.3 Air-conditioning automatically terminates at 5:30 PM. If the hirer requires air-conditioning during an after-hours hire, it is possible to activate manually for one hour blocks. This attracts an additional charge (please refer to Section 6: Schedule of Additional Charges) and will be invoiced in the calendar month following the hire. If air-conditioning is accidentally activated, this hirer will be billed for the charge regardless.

5 Bond

5.1 A bond will be held for any after-hours bookings when the hire is not supervised by Collective Purpose staff.

5.2 The hirer will be required to complete a Credit Card Bond form for a bond amount of $500. The form is required to be completed and returned to Collective Purpose a minimum of 3 business days prior to the hire date.

5.3 This bond is held until the conclusion of the booking. The credit card will be charged only if there is a need for a bond deduction due to:

                5.3.1 Items listed in the Schedule of Additional Charges

                5.3.2 A cancellation fee for the hired room (See 6 Cancellation of Booking)

5.4 At the conclusion of the hire, the facility will be inspected for any damage. Extra cleaning expenses caused by the hirer will result in a deduction of their bond.

5.5 The hirer will acknowledge on the Credit Card Bond Form that the card holder is responsible for leaving the premises in its original condition and is liable for any damaged caused whilst on premises.

5.6 A copy of identification (license, proof of age card, passport) is required, and will be kept on file with the booking application.

6 Schedule of additional charges:

6.1 Schedule of additional charges: In the event of any of the following circumstances, the hirer agrees to liability for the associated costs or fees incurred.

6.2 These costs will be charged as follows:

6.2.1 For hires during business hours that have been invoiced, an additional invoice will be raised subsequent to the booking for any additional charges incurred.

6.2.2 For after-hours and weekend/public holiday hires for which a Credit Card Bond form has been completed, the hirer agrees to the Bond being utilised for the associated costs or fees incurred.


Schedule of Additional Charges (all prices exclude GST)
Non-return of security token $50.00
Additional cleaning of premises $110.00 per hour
Decorations or parts thereof left at premises $50.00
After-hours air conditioning (outside standard business hours of Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5:30pm) $75.00 per hour
Failure to return remotes or clickers $150.00 (remote) $70 (clicker)
Room hire overtime $80.00 per hour or part thereof
Use of Emergency Call-Out for non-emergencies $100.00 per hour or part thereof
An event which requires the attendance of any Emergency Services $ cost of infringement
An event which results in the triggering of the building’s fire evacuation system $ cost of infringement
Any damages as outlined, but not limited to:

  • Broken glass / windows
  • Damage to flooring
  • Damage to venue property / premises, including furniture and fitting
  • Damage to IT equipment
$ as per quotation obtained by Collective Purpose


7 Cancellation of booking

To cover the income opportunity costs and administration costs to Collective Purpose, the following cancellation charges will be applied. Debt recovery processes will apply if fees are not paid.

7.1 Cancellations received more than 5 business days in advance of the intended date of hire will not incur any cancellation charges.

7.2 Cancellations received within 3-5 business days of the intended date of hire will incur a charge equivalent to 25% of the hire charge.

7.3 Cancellations received with 2 business days or less of the intended date of hire will incur a cancellation charge equivalent to 100% of the hire charge. This includes ‘no shows’ on the date and time of the hire period.

7.4 Cancellation by Collective Purpose: Collective Purpose reserves the right to cancel your booking (or future bookings) if the terms and conditions of hire are breached. Collective Purpose will provide written or verbal notice cancelling a booking (without advance warning, if necessary) if:

7.4.1 The hirer neglects to pay invoiced fees within the required timeframe: Cancellation fee equals 100% of hire charges.

7.4.2 Collective Purpose become aware that any event, goods, or services proposed to be held or provided by the hirer is/are objectionable, dangerous, inappropriate for the venue, prohibited by law, or would be of detriment to Collective Purpose, the community, or be in contravention of any laws or the conditions stipulated in the hire agreement. In this case, any payment received will be retained by Collective Purpose.

7.4.3 Repairs or alterations are underway.

7.4.4 The premises are not fit for use due to electrical or security failure, or damage.

7.4.5 The hirer has not provided evidence of adequate insurance coverage, if required.

8 Security token collection and return

8.1 If tokens are not returned on time, a fee will be deducted as detailed in the Schedule Additional Charges.

8.2 Tokens may be issued to regular hirers for the duration of their regular hire period and must be returned at the end of the regular hire period. A fully refundable deposit of $50.00 is required and will be refunded upon return of the token.

8.3 For unsupervised after-hours and weekend hire, a security token must be collected between the hours of 9:00am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday.

8.4 Tokens must be returned to the Collective Purpose reception within one working day following the conclusion of the hire period, between the hours of 9:00am and 4:00pm Monday to Friday.

8.5 Afterhours collection or drop off is available only with prior approval and arrangement of Collective Purpose staff.

9 Access to rooms

9.1 Premises may only be occupied during the times specified in the Application for Hire or online booking request.

9.2 Cleaning, set-up and pack-down time must be included within the hire session time.

9.3 All goods and equipment provided by the hirer (including training materials, IT and AV equipment, decorations etc.) must be removed from the premises within the hire time period. Collective Purpose accepts no responsibility for goods and equipment left on site outside the hire period.

10 Storage facilities for hirers

10.1 If a hirer requires storage, a request may be submitted on the Application form or in writing via email. There is limited storage available and storage may not be available for each hirer. Where possible, storage space will be made available to the hirer at the discretion of Collective Purpose staff.

10.2 Storage fees may be charged according to requirements and at the discretion of Collective Purpose management.

10.3 Any items stored at Collective Purpose are the responsibility of the hirer at their own risk and not covered by Collective Purpose insurance policy. The hirer must not store any illegal, highly flammable or dangerous goods.

10.4 Hirers are not permitted to provide their own storage cupboards and locks unless written permission is granted by Collective Purpose.

11 Public liability insurance

11.1 All hirers holding a public event or providing a public service to the community must provide evidence of their own public liability insurance to a value of $10 million. Hirers will be required to provide a copy of their Public Liability Insurance prior to the event.

11.2 The client is liable for the full total of the excess payable in the event of any claim required to be made by Collective Purpose related to hire by the client.

Hirer’s Obligations During Hire

12 General obligations

12.1 Personal belongings/food items left unattended at the venue will be at the hirer’s own risk. Any equipment arranged by the hirer must be removed from the rooms by the end of the hire period. The room will not be available the following day to collect equipment.

12.2 The hirer must allow un-restricted access to the room at any time by Collective Purpose staff on official business, security officers or emergency officers.

12.3 All customers planning to film and/or photograph on site must advise Collective Purpose Hub staff in advance and obtain written approval from Collective Purpose management.

13 Cleaning, setting up, and packing down

13.1 Collective Purpose staff are responsible for basic set-up of the room, including configuration of tables and chairs and set-up of audio-visual equipment.

13.2 Further set-up is the responsibility of the hirer and must occur within the hire time period.

13.3 The premises must be left in a clean and tidy condition. If the premises are not left in a satisfactory state at the end of the hire period, cleaning costs will be invoiced or deducted from the bond accordingly.

14 Decorations and advertising

14.1 The erection of decorations is permitted on the condition that they do not damage or mark any part fo the building. Extreme care should be taken that decorations do not present a fire hazard.

14.2 Handbills, posters and other advertising materials are not permitted within or outside the premises without the written consent of Collective Purpose.

14.3 If decorations are not removed or damage from decorations is caused, the cost of removal and/or repair will be deducted as detailed in the Schedule of Additional Charges.

14.4 Hirers are responsible for bearing the full cost in case of a false alarm relating to a fire or security call out.

15 Restrictions to numbers

15.1 To satisfy fire regulations the maximum capacity for each venue is outlined on the application form or online booking system. Strict adherence to this capacity must be maintained.

15.2 If this term is breached, a fee may be charged as detailed in the Schedule of Additional Charges.

16 Food catering and tea and coffee

16.1 Hirers may use the kitchen facilities (refrigerator, microwave, hot water urn) for preparation of food. The kitchen must be left clean and tidy as per the original condition that the kitchen was presented at the start of the hire session.

16.2 Hirers may organise for third-party catering services to deliver food to Collective Purpose during their hire session. Hirers must provide their own catering supplies.

16.2.1 Collective Purpose can provide catering supplies, including paper plates, paper cups, cutlery, and napkins, for a cost of $1.00 per person per meal.

16.3 Collective Purpose can arrange catering services for the hire for an administration fee of 15% of the full cost of the catering.

16.4 Bottomless tea and coffee is included within the cost of meeting room hire.

17 Smoking and alcohol

17.1 Smoking is NOT permitted inside the Collective Purpose premises or anywhere inside the Terrace Towers building.

17.2 Alcohol consumption is permitted in accordance with relevant regulations and with prior written approval of Collective Purpose management. If Hirers provide alcohol or permit alcohol to be consumed at their event, they do so at their own risk. The sale of liquor is strictly prohibited.

17.3 For information about alcohol regulations in New South Wales, visit:

18 Noise

18.1 Please be aware that the meeting rooms share a floor with several other organisations and due consideration must be given so as not to disrupt nearby workers and other meeting room hirers.

18.2 In accordance with the Environment Protection Act 1997 all noise must be below 45 decibels up to 10pm.

19 Damage to property or premises

19.1 ‘Damage’ is considered as breakages that impair the value, usefulness, or normal function of Collective Purpose rooms, including furniture, fittings and equipment. A requirement of additional cleaning is also considered under ‘Damages’ in these terms and conditions.

19.2 Any damage that occurs to the premises during the time of hire must be reported to Collective Purpose as soon as possible. This means within one working day of any after-hours or weekend/public holiday hires.

19.3 For any damage incurred by the hirer or one of their invited guests, contractors or sub-contractors, the cost of repairs will be invoiced or deducted from the bond.

19.4 Collective Purpose reserves the right to immediately terminate any hire where it is satisfied that the continuation of the hire will jeopardise the safety and security of property, staff, participants and guests and/or the reputation of Collective Purpose or its partner organisations.

20 Illegal activity

20.1 If any activities in or around any meeting room instigate the attendance of the Police (during hire or thereafter), a fee may be charged as detailed in the Schedule of Additional Charges section of these terms and conditions.

21 Security and safety

21.1 Hirers are responsible for the security and safety of themselves, their guests and the premises during the time of hire. hirers are also responsible for the behaviour of guests at their event.

21.2 The hirer must allow un-restricted access to the venue at any time by Collective Purpose staff on official business, security officers or emergency officers.

21.3 The hirer agrees to comply with all current Health & Safety and Fire regulations, including the Collective Purpose Work Health and Safety Policy and Procedure as outlined in the WHS Statement provided prior to the hire.

22 Emergency call-out

22.1 Collective Purpose staff are not available after hours unless paid supervision has been arranged in advance with Collective Purpose management. For unsupervised after-hours and  hires, the hirer must ensure they have everything required and that the security token has been collected during business hours, as there is no after-hours customer service available and the emergency number does not cater for this.

Emergencies are classified as:

  • Hirer cannot gain access to the premises (e.g. token won’t work or security system broken)
  • Property of building damage that requires immediate repairs (e.g. window broken and needs immediate repairs to be arranged)
  • Fire, police or ambulance contacted.

Extreme emergencies: In case of fire at premises or if police are required to attend, Hirers must phone 000 as first point of contact.

If the emergency number is called by the client for reasons other than those stated above, there will be a charge associated as outlined in the Schedule of Additional Charges.


After Hire

23 Cleaning and packing down

23.1 Room(s) must be vacated by the time specified on the Application form or online booking system.

23.1.1 Use of the room past the specified room hire period will be charged at an hourly overtime rate, as specified in the Schedule of Additional Charges.

23.2 It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the premises are left in a clean and tidy condition at the end of the hire and all Collective Purpose equipment is returned to the Reception Desk.

23.3 If the cleaning is not to a suitable standard, the cost of engaging cleaners will be invoiced or deducted from the security bond.


Special Conditions

24 Indemnity

24.1 The Hirer will indemnify and keep indemnified Collective Purpose against actions, suits, claims and demands whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the use of the hired premises.

25 Basis of agreement

25.1 Performance of this agreement is contingent upon the ability of Collective Purpose to complete the same, and is subject to labour disputes, strikes, pickets, accidents, restrictions of travel, delivery, equipment or utilities failure, force majeure and other causes, whether enumerate or not which are beyond the control of Collective Purpose.

25.2 In no circumstance shall Collective Purpose be liable for loss of profit or consequential damages, financial or otherwise, from these matters.

25.3 In no event shall Collective Purpose liability be in excess of the total amount of the food and beverages contracted.

26 Additional terms

26.1 Collective Purpose reserves the right to establish any additional terms and conditions as part of this agreement according to the particulars of a given hire.

26.2 Any additional terms and conditions that have been established will be expressed in writing and form part of the hire agreement.


Collective Purpose Commitment

Preparation of Rooms

Collective Purpose Hub staff will ensure that meeting rooms are in a clean and tidy condition at all times.

Collective Purpose Hub staff will provide basic set up of the meeting room according to the configurations available, as shown in the Collective Purpose Meeting Rooms Capacity Chart. This includes the provision of functioning equipment, where necessary and requested in advance.

The Hirer is responsible for any additional preparation and set-up of the meeting room, such as registration tables, decorations and specific catering requirements.

Use of Rooms, Equipment and Technology

All internal and external clients using the Collective Purpose Meeting Rooms will comply with the Facilities Usage Policy.

Catering may be organized directly by the client or through Collective Purpose Hub staff. Clients wanting catering organized by Hub staff must submit a Catering Request Form with a minimum of 48 hours notice and an additional fee will be applied to the total cost of the booking and catering, as per the Fee Schedule.

All hiring clients planning to film and/or photograph on the premises must obtain prior approval from Hub Management.

Invoicing and Payment

Collective Purpose will provide an invoice to the client in a timely manner as per the Collective Purpose Invoicing and Payment Policy.

Payment of the invoice must be received within 30 days of receipt. If a client’s account is more than 60 days in arrears, Collective Purpose will refuse any subsequent hire applications until the account is settled, unless written approval is provided by Collective Purpose management.

Client Liaison and Feedback

In all dealings with customers, Collective Purpose Hub staff will provide the highest levels of customer service and will provide the customer with the opportunity to submit feedback after every incidence of room hire, in accordance with Collective Purpose Customer Service and Feedback & Complaints policies.


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