What does LGBTI inclusive customer service mean to you?

The Collective Purpose vision is to be a dynamic and inclusive collaborative space that supports social justice.


As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, Collective Purpose is a Champion of the MindOUT Project, seeking to understand, identify, respond and address the mental health and wellbeing needs of LGBTI people. Part of this means ensuring that the customer and client service we provide is sensitive, inclusive and welcoming for members of the LGBTI community.

We have put together a survey to find out how we are doing and what else we need to do to make sure LGBTI people feel safe and welcome in the Collective Purpose spaces – both physical and virtual! We are seeking feedback from all of our clients and stakeholders, and would greatly appreciate if you could spend 5 minutes completing this survey. Click here or complete the survey below!

Many thanks in advance from the Collective Purpose team!