Reporting back on LGBTI-inclusive customer service!

LGBTI-Inclusive Customer Service – What You Told Us!

Collective Purpose recently asked our community members to participate in an online survey about what makes an inclusive LGBTI customer service experience. We are so grateful to everyone who shared their time with us, and helped us gain more insight into what we can do to improve our inclusiveness of the LGBTI community!

The infographic below summarises the results of the survey, which were strongly supported by in-depth, face-to-face consultations with members of the LGBTI community.


What’s next?

This information helps inform our decisions about continuous quality improvement of our customer service experiences. The data clearly shows the importance of our staff being trained and sensitive, including the use of inclusive language and providing opportunities for people to self-identify and self-disclose. We’re thrilled to say that our staff have all completed LGBTI sensitivity training, but, we recognise the importance of ensuring that this is an ongoing practice that is embedded in our staff induction and professional development processes.

In addition, using visual cues, such as posters and rainbow flags, was highlighted as another important way of demonstrating that we are an LGBTI safe space. Collective Purpose is registered as an ACON LGBTI Safe Place and we have display ACON material in our reception area.

We are committed to maintaining a safe and welcoming space for all here at Collective Purpose. If there is anything in particular that you think we can improve, please do no hesitate to reach out to us at !

Check out the map below for more ACON Safe Places: