Benefits of Co-Working For Personal And Professional Well Being


In today’s busy and technology-driven world, so many people are self-employed, are starting fledgling organisations or work remotely. In many cases, these professionals work from home offices or spaces outside the common workplace. While working from home has been argued by some to be really beneficial, it can also be socially and professionally isolating. Limited social interaction can have unfortunate consequences for your physical and mental well being.

Working from a co-working space is a good solution to the problem. These are just some of the personal and professional benefits of choosing a communal co-working environment:


1. Be Prepared for Work

When you work from home, it’s easy to become distracted and lose focus because you’re in the at-home mindset. The reverse can also be true as some people never get out of the at-work mindset. There are no boundaries between work and life! Mental health organisations in Sydney insist that it’s important to keep work and home or personal life separate and a separate office space away from home can help you get that. Attempting to balance our work/life priorities reduces productivity, stifles creativity and innovation, and limits our potential to focus grow intellectually.


 2. Work In Spaces Designed for Productivity

A professional office space gives you the environment and resources to be more proactive and productive. Working in a well-lit, well-decorated space helps you stay focused. Professional spaces also help you become more productive and efficient with your work and provide all the equipment and tools you need to complete your projects. Co-working offers you a diversity of of tailored work spaces to maximise productivity, enabling you to find the perfect balance between quiet, focused individual work and team collaboration.


3. Social Interaction without the Corporate Stress

People gravitate towards swapping their nine-to-five corporate jobs for freelancing and working from home because they want more freedom and flexibility. Unfortunately, this may also mean sacrificing the social environment that co-working spaces provide. Co-working office spaces in Sydney, allow you to enjoy social interaction and still retain the flexibility and freedom of dynamic working arrangements. As well as social interaction, co-working spaces provide a unique opportunity to connect with people from a range of organisations and professional backgrounds and develop your networks.


4. Physical Well Being

Research suggests that having a separate workplace also promotes better physical fitness. Leaving your house can help you get motivated to be active and enjoy a healthy diet. Keeping your work space and home separate can have health benefits, especially if you choose the right establishment. Collective Purpose has a range of work space options and activities to help community members maximise physical wellbeing, including sit-stand desks, and weekly yoga and meditation classes.


Working from a Co-working space like Collective Purpose enables the achievement of shared goals and purpose, as co-workers inspire each other through a communal atmosphere and opportunities for collaboration. This has the potential to make a great difference for our broader community and especially for Non-Profit Organisations in Sydney, as they enjoy the benefits of high-quality professional work spaces whilst reducing the costs of office rental by sharing the space with other like-minded organisations. The Collectie Purpose work spaces is designed to be shared and to foster collaboration and this enhances our sense that we are contributing and engaging with like-minded individuals for positive change and development.


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