Saving the Environment, One Coffee at a Time!

Changing Your Coffee Habits Can Help the Environment!


Flat white. Weak Cappuccino. Double Ristretto Almond Piccolo with a Swan on top. For many of us, no matter how you take it, our day does not start until we’ve had that first cup of coffee. We may have our favourite café, our favourite barista, and our favourite blend, or we may just prefer whatever is closest to our homes or the office. Indeed, Australians enjoy coffee so much that approximately 3 billion cups of coffee are sold in Australia per year. Over 1 billion of these are consumed from takeaway cups and lids. That’s an average of 100,000 takeaway cups thrown out every single hour. Sadly, with stats like these, our morning takeaway coffee, while the lifeblood of our day, is causing real damage to the environment.

Disposable paper cups may appear recyclable, but many contain plastics. These are not biodegradable and are extremely harmful to the environment, especially our precious marine ecosystems.

The World Economic Forum said that by the year 2050, our oceans will house more plastic than fish. There are companies that manufacture 100% recyclable paper cups as a solution, but many small businesses simply cannot afford them. These factors have contributed to 90 per cent of all disposable cups ending up in landfill: approximately 60,000 kilograms of plastic waste per year.


We believe that avoiding disposable coffee cups is a great practical solution to a genuine pollution and wastage threat. To do our own bit, our Hub Team have implemented the following easy and practical ways to reduce our individual wastage of paper cups. The good news is that they are easy enough for anyone to include in their daily coffee routine – with big results!


Do as the Italians do, drink your coffee at the cafe.

Enjoying your coffee in its ceramic cup or latte glass isn’t just a way to enjoy the barista’s coffee art skills. It also helps you ease into the hustle and bustle of working in office spaces and co-working in Sydney. Drinking your coffee at the cafe also reduces their wastage, as well as giving you the time to prepare yourself for the day. You can catch up on the news or social media, or just enjoy being in the moment before you take on the tasks ahead.


Purchase a reusable coffee cup.

Sometimes there is not enough time in the day to savour your coffee in the café. For those moments, consider purchasing a reusable coffee cup. There are many different brands, shapes, and sizes out there, which you can customise to your unique style! Many cafes offer discounts to reusable cup holders. We think this is a great initiative because it encourages people to continue doing good. It also reduces the commercial and environmental costs for small café businesses. If you’re unsure which cafes offer discounts, click here to search your suburb, thanks to Responsible Cafes.


Refuse a lid.


Not quite ready to ditch the paper cup? One small step is to say no to the plastic lid on your takeaway cup. Worried about spillage? You can also order your coffee ¾ full to reduce the risk of a spill…which also makes your coffee a bit stronger!


At Collective Purpose, Sydney’s premier co-working space and social enterprise, we are committed to reducing our wastage and carbon footprint. We believe you can too!