The Collective Purpose Story

The Collective Purpose Story


The Collective Purpose story began in 2006 when the three founding partner organisations – WayAhead, Being and MHCN – began to co-locate and work together on the William Street premises. 

Faced in 2014 with pressure to achieve greater efficiencies, the CEOs of each partner organisation worked together to develop an innovative and collaborative model that would deliver greater organisational efficiencies and effectiveness, enhance service delivery and ensure the long-term sustainability of each of the organisations. This is where Collective Purpose was born.

Collective Purpose is a social enterprise comprising two complementary initiatives: the Collective Purpose Hub and Collective Purpose Shared Services. After an intensive period of planning and development beginning in April 2014, we commenced operation in July 2015.

Early 2015 saw a complete refurbishment of the shared office premises, and was accompanied by a major upgrade of the ICT systems that continued through to 2016. Collective Purpose is now a dynamic and thriving workplace that has fostered increased collaboration, both formal and informal, amongst all members of its community.

In our first year of operation, we have achieved some major achievements at Collective Purpose, particularly given the complexity of the work and the challenges that were faced. Leadership and commitment to the project from staff, management, and boards, along with high quality staffing of the Collective Purpose team, have been integral to success.

In addition, the capacity of the Steering Committee to be flexible, adaptive and learn along the way has enabled them to respond quickly to a plethora of emerging issues. Our strong focus on continuous quality improvement an dedication to excellence in customer services will continue to be critical to the success of the enterprise.

A robust governance framework is in place with effective communication systems, and the increasingly streamlined inter-committee procedures that are currently being implemented will further strengthen governance processes in the coming years. Buy-in from each of the Partner organisations’ boards has been a substantial achievement despite the perceived risks and challenges, and the boards continue to jointly provide essential support and strategic guidance for the Collective Purpose project.

The exceptional benefits of the Collective Purpose initiative to the Founding Partners and other Hub users have already been demonstrated in the first year of business, and we expect these to continue and grow as Collective Purpose matures into its second year of operation.


The Collective Purpose Hub

The Collective Purpose Hub provides elegant and modern flexible office accommodation, including co-working space, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and support, and contemporary purpose-designed facilities including meeting rooms for hire. The Hub provides the working environment for all staff and volunteers of the partner organisations, who pay for their allocated desk spaces.

Additional capacity in the Hub is available to provide quality professional work space, with optional IT facilities and support, to external values-aligned and purpose-driven organisations and individuals. Both the Partners’ and external organisations’ rental fees contribute to the financial sustainability of the Collective Purpose social enterprise.

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Collective Purpose Shared Services

Collective Purpose Shared Services provides specialised corporate services, including human resources, financial management, policies and procedures, and associated administration, to the three partner organisations, each of whom contribute financially for the provision of these services. The purpose of the Shared Services is to improve efficiencies and maximise the effectiveness of each of the partner organisations, by alleviating the administrative burden and allowing staff to concentrate on project work and service delivery.

Shared Services is currently only available to the Founding Partners, however, Collective Purpose is working towards offering a range of products to external organisations in July 2017.



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